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Wed, 05/08/2019 - 09:09

Hypertension is a condition of elevated blood pressure and it is quite a serious medical condition that significantly increases the risks of heart, brain, kidney and other diseases. According to WHO, it has been estimated 1.13 billion people worldwide are suffering from hypertension. It had been found in 2015 that 1 in 4 men and 1 in 5 women had been suffering from hypertension. 

Hypertension is very dangerous and must be taken seriously as it is a major cause of premature death worldwide. Poor diet plays a significant role in causing hypertension and many people suffering from it, fail to notice that. High amounts of fats in your diet may increase blood pressure and cause hypertension. 
With scientific diet plans from Diet +/-, we can help you reduce your fat intake, remove excess fats, help you lose weight and thus combat hypertension!

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